Starting ardour 4 from the command line problem

Hello, Can anybody help me figure out why Ardour-4.7.0 will not start from the command line? I tried invoking it with “ardour4” and it did not work… Am I using the wrong command or is the problem something else.

I installed ardour via the command line with the .run file as detailed here:

Thank you.

I think the command “ardour4” looks for your distribution’s packaged version, but if you downloaded Ardour from this site, there is a different path to the program. When I type “ardour4”, it says the package is not installed, but when I type “/opt/Ardour-4.7.0/bin/ardour4” from the command line, it starts right up.

Yes, I sometimes get round that by installing a link in /usr/bin pointing to the real program under /opt.

In this case, something like
sudo ln -s /opt/Ardour-4.7.0/bin/ardour4 /usr/bin

After that, “ardour4” on the command line will work.

Installing the bundle from creates links in /usr/local/bin as “ArdourN” (where N is the major version number). Note the capitalization.

Nice! I wasn’t aware that “Ardour4” (capitalized) took care of business, too. I didn’t think to check /usr/local/bin before posting, but I am no power user. The first time I ever started Ardour from the command line was after reading the original post and experimenting.