Start whole cue with button on midi controller

Hi there.

I just discovered the Cue features of Ardour 7.2.

What I’ve done:
I filled some slots on the cue page.
I can fire a whole cue by pressing F1…F8.
I can start a cue by inserting it in the cue row in edit mode.
I can start one slot by pressing the triangle nearby the slot name.

My Problem:
I want to start a whole cue with all its slots by pressing a button on my midi controller (Akai APC Mini). The controller works well for switching mute buttons in Ardour or fade the faders. So it seems to be set up properly.
I tried to right-click one cue slot and chose “MIDI learn”, but without success. Nothing happens when I press a button on controller.
But this would be the wrong way, because it would start one slot only, not the whole cue.

Is there a way to start a cue via controller button?


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