Start recording when signal arrives at audio input


I am looking for a possibility to start recording to an audio track as soon as a signal arrives. I found out about the “Voice/Level Activate” plugin via this post (Start recording on sound input), but I can not get it doing what I want.
I add the plugin to the audio track where the signal should go, routing is working properly, the threshold is set relatively low, but recording does not start (recording is active on track and session).
But, when I open the UI of that plugin, recording starts immediately, regardless if there is a signal on the tracks input or not. And as long as the UI is open, the recording always starts again after stopping it.
And the section “Plugin analysis” in the plugins UI does not show any signal, I assume there should.
When setting the threshold value to 0, recording starts never.

Am I using that plugin wrongly?

Thanks for any hint.

Ardour 8.2.0 (binary from

Sorry, forget this question, I forgot to activate “In” on the tracks mixer strip :slight_smile:
But still I am wondering why recording immediately starts then I open the plugins UI, regardless of the level on the input.