Start recording on input signal start


Can I make Ardour start recording as soon as there is an input signal?

I’m using Rosegarden as a sequencer for a couple of synths and a drum machine, and would like to have Ardour start recording the output as soon as I push play in Rosegarden.

Thanks for any hints!

Manuel (Askesemann)

Use JACK sync to synchronize the apps sample-accurately when you hit play.

Then use the “punch in/out” functions of Ardour to start and stop recording wherever you like…


@Aksesemann: to add one more thing to Ben’s response: there is no way for Ardour to be triggered by an input signal at this time.

@paul: Too bad, but thank you very much!
@BenLoftis: I stumbled upon punch in/out before, and I don’t think it’s what I had in mind, but I’ll have another look at it since it seems what I had in mind is not possible right now. Thank you, too!


What Ben was referring to IS what you want, but not HOW you wanted it.

Jack Transport will sync all clients together, including Ardour and Rosegarden, so that when you press play in one, the other will automatically start. Ben was taking this one step farther and also mentioning the Punch In/Out feature in Ardour that will let you record only certain sections instead of from the moment you hit play should you desire. All you really have to do is record arm Ardour(Both tracks and sessions), make sure both Rosegarden and Ardour are sync’d to Jack Transport, and press play in Rosegarden. Rosegarden will begin playing and Ardour will begin recording at the exact same time, which is what you mentioned you wanted above.