Start marker moves with track

In a project with several tracks, the start marker is set to measure 5. A newly inserted audio file will therefore be inserted starting at measure 5.
When I move the new track to measure 1 (it contains a 4-measure lead in), the start marker also moves to measure 1.
Is that intentional?

When I press UNDO, the track moves back to measure 5 (where it was) but the start marker is not moved back.

I think it is intentional. I mean it is called the “start” marker. It shows where the first thing in your session is.

Maybe, this depends on The import-dialog’s “Insert at” setting.

Yes, it is. On every edit operation, start and end markers are moved automatically to encompass all regions on the timeline. Also automatic movements can only increase the range, never shrink it.

That is until you manually move one of the markers, after that they stay put.

One could argue that this is a bug, depends whom you ask :slight_smile:

No, they don’t.

  • New project, import a small wav file. Start and end markers are set to the beginning and end of the wav file.
  • Move the track contents to start at measure 5. End marker is adjusted, start marker remains at measure 1.
  • Manually move the start marker to measure 5.
  • Import another wav file. It is inserted at measure 5.
  • Move the new track contents to start at measure 1. Start marker is adjusted, even though it has been moved manually.


  • Move start marker to measure 5 again, and playhead to measure 1.
  • Import a new wav file at the playhead. Start marker is, again, moved to measure 1.

Not a big deal. If you want me to make an issue for this please say so.

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