Start jack transport with export session to audiofile

Is there a way to start jack transport when you export a session to audiofile? I have my drum tracks done in hydrogen and don’t want to have to export to wav and then import to ardour. It would be nice to just have ardour start jack transport when exporting the session to audiofile. I have patched hydrogen’s output to an input in ardour so as long as I can get jack transport to start when I export then this should. Is there a way to do this?

like thorgal said, just add a stereo track and record the input from Hydrogen.

no, you can’t.

You definitely have to record hydrogen’s audio outputs to a track in ardour before you can export all the stuff. Ardour’s export is freewheeling (goes faster than real time) and I don’t see how you would synchronize an external app like HG during export. This is not the same as a dynamic effect like jamin (track insert) which only reshapes ardours internal audio data. In this case, exporting will be OK. But back to the 1st limitation : you need to have audio data read from disk by ardour, whatever processing happens after inside ardour, for an export to work.

Hi all,
I was wondering if this answer (“no it’s not possible”) is still valid, as it is 12 years old.
I have Ardour 5.12 that now has a Real Time export option.
At present, I am indeed unable to export the drums generated with HG in sync, even when activating the realt time option.
I connected the hydrogen ouputs to a input stereo track, whose output is correctly patched to the main audio out (just like all the other tracks). When playing in sync, I do get the drums in the main audio.

I was wondering what makes that not possible ? IMHO, it should be possible: it plays correctly, I get the drums audio along with all the other tracks, so why can’t that be exported as such ?
Or did I just miss some option somewhere (I’m only using Ardour for a couple of weeks, still discovering)

Thanks for your answers!