Start ardour with new project from template from command line


I’m trying to automate the start-up of ardour with a bash-script.

I saved a template : that’s ok.

But is it possible to make a new project, derived from the saved template and save the project in a given directory?

Something like:

# ardour2 -N given_directory/new_project(.ardour) name_of_template.template

So I don’t have to use the start-up window?



this is not possible at present. new feature requests should go into mantis.

@linuxpete: its not on my to-do list. that’s about all i can say.


that raises the question how to get it on your to-do list ?


Most likely yes it will be implemented, there is no known reason not to that I am aware of, but it is not high on anyone’s priority list to do so I do not believe. That is why keeping it in Mantis is important, so that it does not get lost.


Hi Paul,

thnx, However feature request already there, bug 1676

Any idea wether this will be implemented?

grtz Pieter