Stars Remix

Stars, (an indie pop/rock band), have a remix contest going right now. I made a remix using Ardour and Hydrogen. I used only the vocal tracks from the original and recorded everything else into my Lucid installed Ardour using a Firepod and a MicroKorg. It was my first time doing a lot of quantized based cutting in Ardour and it worked beautifully. I also used a couple of LinuxDSP plugins for compressing a bass track and removing an unfortunate and obnoxious hum from a couple of other tracks that I recorded.

You can listen to the remix on my website here
Or you can check it out on the main contest page if you’d like

If I wasn’t convinced before I can definitely now say that Ardour is the only DAW I ever want to use. This project really made me realize that. I love how powerful it is already and it blows my mind that it will only continue to get even better.