Stablity Question

Hi, I understand running Ardour 2.5 with VST support and using a VST plugin during a session can and does cause stability problems.

Is there a stability advantage running Ardour 2.5 without VST support over Ardour 2.5 with VST support, while no VST plugin is being used during an Ardour 2.5 w/VST session?

Basically is the a difference in the two if you are not using VST plugins?


The VST-supporting version is running “inside” of Wine. See my last comment here for details. This introduces various complications. I don’t expect the result to be dramatically or even necessarily noticeably less stable, but if you do encounter any problems with it, its impossible to debug it, and the problem may go away (or return or mutate) with any upgrades to Wine.

Thanks, I understand now.

Can the two be installed next to each other?

Yes. When you’re compiling the VST-supporting version, you can change the installation path:

scons PREFIX=/path/to/vst/supporting/version

If you follow these instructions, the command to start Ardour with VST-support will be “ardourvst” instead of “ardour2” and you may need to create a new item in your Applications menu.

So as long as the installation path of ardourvst and ardour2 are different, they can be on the same system without conflict.

Is this correct?

The reason I would like to do this. Is to compare the performance of the two on my system.


I’m not sure whether it’s necessary to have a different installation path; Paul would know that. I kept them separate just to be safe. But yes, I have both ardourvst and ardour2 running on the same machine without conflict.