SSFTPIW-S.2:AbsenceSpaceless - [NOYX]

First time sharing my works with the community; feedback welcome; please enjoy…

An organized collective series of improvised and experimental, loosely formed pieces of recorded audio material by [NOYX].
Sector-2: AbsenceSpaceless - [softer atmospherics spanning 2006-2008]

Thank you…
Endless thanks to the many developers, community members, and countless others that have allowed for these works to be made possible; special thanks for anyone who listens or shares.

[a completely solo project, far from perfect; an attempt at a full finished release of old stuff within the month of December 2013]

Downloaded and listened to the first two pieces in the HQ FLAC versions. Lovely work, very nice details in the sound. Thanks for the notice and for sharing your work.



Well thank you for your ear, attention, time, and saying so, DavePhillips.
*Just revised and updated a couple tracks including the 2nd [EQ needed a bit more tweaking] and last piece.