Spotify playlist

Hello fellow Ardour users!

I’ve created a “Made With Ardour” Spotify playlist [1] which includes tracks listed in this forum.

The rules to be included in the playlist:

  • The track has to be mixed with Ardour
  • No limit on the number of tracks from each artist
  • Only one track per release (single, EP, album, etc)

Hopefully I will notice new tracks posted in this forum. If not, send me a message. If you as an artist would like me to change/remove a specific track, send me a message.

I’ve used the official Ardour logo for the playlist, I hope that’s OK?

[1] spotify:user:spotbrain:playlist:4y473jtAqqziil9ELjWED0



What a cool idea! Thanks for doing this!! We (Rated Blue) will have a new release soon and very much appreciate your time in compiling this playlist. I’m enjoying a few tunes I have missed by other Ardour users as I type this…:grinning::clap:

Hmmm I can’t seem to find how send a PM to you, is it possible to swap out Rated Blue - ‘Straight Up’ for “When You Got A Name” from the Turnabout album? No rush, thanks again for your time and effort on this!

I’ve exchanged the track in the list.

Haha, I agree, I can’t seem to find a way to send a personal message either. Oh well… :smiley:


Found some more Spotify stuff made with Ardour from our Studio which meets your criteria:

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For the record PMs are disabled on the forum at this time. Sorry.



Hi! I remember this song from before! :grinning:

I think there may be some confusion, the Spotify playlist above is from Ardour users that are already on Spotify, you have attached your Soundcloud link but your song needs to be on Spotify.

3rd party sites like CD Baby, DistroKid and Soundrop (there may be others I haven’t mentioned) can get your music onto Digital retail streaming platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon, Apple etc… etc…

Good idea. I think we need competition THE BEST OF ARDOUR 2019 - something like LMMS has it would be an opportunity to fund Ardour

Oh, my bad.

I probably felt a little left out.

Carry on :slight_smile:

I also don’t find the button for a personal message.

You could take “Mellow Mellau 2: The Ending” from this album:

And “Mensch, Computer, Cyborg” from this album:

Spotify stopped working in my Chromium Browser and I still deny smartphones, so I can’t link to my own releases in properly anymore.

Thanks for making me rich. So far I earned 4,24€ from Spotify in 5 years or so, this playlist might push my income even beyond 5€!


Niels, I’ve added the two tracks.

You know there’s a desktop application, right? =)

Hi @brain! Nice initiative! I have one song already there and there is a new one coming soon.

So i’m sharing the link with you! Thanks!

Nice idea for sure.

Here is a 100% Ardour track.

And I’ve favorited the playlist too.

Dear Brian - thank you for that playlist.

Here are two tracks fully all made with Ardour:
Album Sommer, Track Trampolin:

Album TRäume, Track Ich hab’ dich aufgemacht:

Thank you again and best wishes to you!

… and from my very first Album “AusZeit”, Track “Sarg, oder: ich bin zu früh gestorben”:

Hi, A song from our new album “JOY”: