Sponsored Features

At the bottom of the right-hand column (on most of Ardour’s web pages) there used to be a list of the top most popular feature requests. The value of this list was somewhat questionable, given that even the most popular requests had attracted only a handful of sponsors. Nevertheless, the fact that it’s no longer there at all is disappointing. Even more disappointing is the fact that nobody seems to have noticed…!

The whole idea of sponsoring features through mantis was badly flawed and was never going to ‘deliver’ in practice (not for major features anyway). Is it time to revisit this subject and come up with a better solution?

Heh it was overlooked when kick starting the website after some recent large problems it had. Ill point it out to Paul next time I talk to him if I remember and he hasn’t already seen this message.


Thanks Seablade. I must admit though, I still think there must be a better way of attracting sponsorship for features. The Mantis strategy has never really been viable IMHO… :frowning: