Splitting, moving and other edits on Bus and Master automation

Hi there. I’ve been working on a project and recording automation on midi, bus and master tracks. I have come to a point where I would like to split everything and insert a few bars. I can see how to split and move the automation data in the midi tracks. The automation data just moves as I drag and drop the piano roll segment for the midi track. However, there is nothing I can see that can be similarly cut, copied, dragged and pasted for the bus and master tracks. Am I missing something here or is this something still to be implemented? Is there a workaround for this in the meantime if not implemented?

I’m going to try a workaround of making some ‘scratch’ midi tracks, copying the bus and master automation data to those, splitting it on those tracks, recombining the data to a contigous track and then over writing each strip of data back to the relevant busses and master. I think.

Try using the range tool to copy and paste, IIRC (Been a bit since I did this) it should work in a way to allow this.


Cheers. I’ll look into this.

Likely I completely misunderstand you, but here goes anyway…

Busses and the normal Master Bus don’t “contain” audio, by default: instead, they function as “receivers” for audio recorded or generated on Audio / MIDI tracks. Therefore, there is nowhere on such busses to “record” any automation.

If you need to automate a bus (or the master bus), then I think you need to first record the output of that bus to a track, and then automate the track.

I could, of course, be utterly wrong about the last statement, even if I guessed correctly what you wanted to achieve.

@tseaver actually busses can have automation lanes the same as tracks and you can automate any parameter on them. You are correct in that a bus cannot have an audio or midi playlist associated with it though.

Thanks for the correction. If I’d thought about it for five seconds longer, I would have realized that of course busses can have automation: they work just like the hardware consoles do.

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