Splitting audio during import

Hello list.
After having what seems like a massive crash syndrome on my latest session for some reason and now starting a new session and attempting to import the audio across from that old session, I’m wondering why Ardour splits the audio into Left and a Right audio files instead of the stereo ones I was working with? Is there a way to disable this import preference as now I have double the amount of tracks to edit and work with.


Hello doublecheck the import settings.
I dont have my pc with me but i remember a tickbox to uncheck if you want only 1 stereo track instead of 2 mono tracks.

Edit: as seen on

It seems to be " one track/region per channel " that has to be unchecked.

Hi Sahaathyva
Thanks for the reply. I seem to have not correctly explained myself. But your reply is actually a point I needed to know so thanks for that :slight_smile:

I have the mapping set to ‘one track per file’ which is what I’m after but in my project folder > interchange > album name > audio files the files are still split to left and right mono.

I’m wondering if I can change that happening

I think maybe you can ignore this. I worked out that I can group the tracks and this way it lets me edit them together.

*I’m using the DAW as a tape machine and not a sequencer so I import long audio takes and splice them up


You should just consider that directory to be private to Ardour. How the files are handled internally is an implementation detail which should not affect anything you need to do.

You have described files, but what you actually work with is tracks in ardour. Tracks have playlists, which may utilize one or more source files. Whether Ardour stores the audio files as mono, stereo, one big file, many small files of one minute each would all be implementation details which do not affect your workflow.

Why exactly are you concerned with what files are in the interchange directory? Perhaps you are trying to do something which is discouraged.

@ccaudle is correct that the way Ardour deals internally with the files does not double your workload. As far as I can tell, in the real world a mixer only has mono input strips and hence Ardour mimics that by splitting stereo files into mono L & R. It should not change how you edit at the track level…

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