Splitting a region in an individual track (not multiple tracks)

How do I split an individual track region? I have used the split ‘S’ command, but all tracks are split?

Have you tried selecting (just) the track containing the region you want to split?

Yes, have tried that. I feel it must be something simple!

You’ve selected regions across multiple tracks. Or you’ve put multiple tracks into a group that has the “edits” property enabled. Don’t do these things if you want to work on a single region.

I had made a copy of a track, which in turn copied the region name. When I split the region, it split both tracks! Thanks for your replies Paul and Don3

your description isn’t clear … did you fix the problem or are you attempting to describe what you did that led to the problem? How did you make a copy of the track?

The problem is solved. The regions on two separate tracks had the same name. Split one and the other one splits automatically. Thanks Paul

That isn’t really a solution :slight_smile: And your explanation suggests that you don’t actually understand what Ardour is doing. But … as you wish.

@milbarge46 - Also, a little clarification “for the record”… Even though I asked you initially about selecting the track containing the regions you want split, it isn’t what I normally do. (Turns out it works, so I guess I could just keep my mouth shut and let it go. :slight_smile: I often do Deselect All first, just to be sure nothing is selected, and then select the specific region(s) I want to split. (Simply clicking on the one region you want should do the same.) That way it’s visually pretty obvious which region(s) will be affected by the ‘S’, regardless of their name(s), how they came to be, etc. Just want to make it clear that tracks can’t be split, and to apologize if my initial response caused or reinforced any such notion.