Split silences region

Hello. This concerns ardour 8.2.0
I’m working on a region which I wold like to split. I’ve soloed the region. I hit the ‘s’ key and it splits it but it also silences that region. Ctrl-z remove the split and brings back the sound.

Just an addition… I opened another project in which this behavior is not seen so this is project dependent. I have no idea how to debug this. Although I’m using 8.2.0 my projects have been created in versions of ardour going back several years and migrated when switching to new versions of ardour

So it’s just silencing the one region and not affecting any others on the track?

Yes. It is only silencing the region I have just split. And only that soloed track. If I remove the solo I hear the song in it’s entirety including the track/region in question. As soon as I solo it again it’s silent. If I solo the track in question along with another one I hear the other one but not the one I’ve just split.

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