Split MIDI by Pitch

A fantastic feature to add for MIDI functionality would be the ability to split any MIDI region by note pitch. Specifically, this would be incredibly useful for MIDI drum sequences that were programmed onto one track (not an uncommon thing to do, especially when it’s being programmed in real time via an electronic drum kit). When it comes time to mix, it would be extremely handy to simply split the track by pitch so that each different drum/crash/etc. would end up on its own track. Logic is the DAW that comes to mind that has this feature, and after using said feature once, I must admit it saves a TON of time when working with electronic drums. You can see how it works in the Logic Pro 9 manual: http://help.apple.com/logicpro/mac/9.1.6/en/logicpro/usermanual/index.html#chapter=13%26section=23%26tasks=true

Feature requests belong at http://tracker.ardour.org/ (especially ones that are incontrovertibly a good idea).

@joshjaysalazar Let me know when you make the feature request, I will certianly add my voice as a requestor!

Sorry this topic fell idle. I was out of state for a while, without access to a computer. I submitted the feature request. Hopefully I did it correctly: http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=5554

It seems I can’t signup on the tracker (I dont’ received activation mail) so I will have to say it here : it IS indeed a good idea !

It would be very, very, VERY usefull for me to be able :

  • either to split the drum midi track into several tracks
  • OR to have a different midi output for each pitch available in JACK
  • OR to select midi channel per pitch (that would be the most convenient solution for me) … I guess joshjaysalazar’s suggestion (split) would be the simplest and the most obvious, though.

You can filter by midi note range using the recently released midifilter.lv2 keyrange midi filter to filter a midi track by key range. So you could make several copies of your midi track and put different keyranges on them to select different drum parts or re-record several midi tracks (from original ardour midi track) but each time only selecting the note ranges you want. I notice that midifilter.lv2 midi note numbering differs from Ardour3: midifileter C3 = Ardour3 C4 etc.

Thank you Edward, I didn’t know about midifilter.lv2 but it looks very intersting : according to the README, the “keysplit” plugin seems to be just what I need !
Unfortunately, it fails building under Ubuntustudio 12.04 amd64 : make fails with message “LV2 SDK was not found”.
I took a look at the makefile’s code, apparently it checks for the existence of a package called simply “lv2”, but in Ubuntu’s repository there’s not such a package. I do have “lv2core” installed, though.
Any idea ? Have you succesfully buit it ? On what distro ?

It looks like the midifilter plugins are in the KXStudio PPA, and are available for 12.04.

You have lv2core installed, but do you also have the development packages installed needed to complile?

ex. lv2-dev

No, I don’t : it seems there is no such package availibale for Ubuntu 12.04.
And I don’t want to add PPA cause i’ts too dirty and already caused me some big problems before.
I finally gave up with trying to compile midifilter.lv2 : it’s just not compatible with 12.04 without hacking/manually compiling a lot of stuff and I don’t want to screw my system for this.
So, until a decent package for 12.04 is released (wich may not happen), I’m still requesting this feature natively in Ardour.

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