Split a Track?

When I right click on a region I can go to the name of the track and get an option to “split”.

I have used this before to edit pieces out of a region.

But for what ever reason it does not work anymore.

How does one split a region?



please ignore the previous answer.

first, some important terminology. you don’t split tracks, you split regions.
the fact that your track may have only 1 region doesn’t change that.

you split by:

  1. choose the edit point (playhead, mouse, marker). mouse is the most convenient.

  2. select the regions to be split

  3. position the edit point (eg. mouse cursor)

  4. press “s” (or whatever the keybinding is for “split”)

then read http://ardour.org/new_editing_model for more insight.

note that ardour has different keybinding sets, and you can define your own bindings at any time. the menus (e.g. Region->Split) will always show bindings if they exist and can be used to alter them, or use Windows -> Binding Manager for a different approach.