Splash screen always on top

hello all, happy holidays.

I’ve been using ardour for a few years, and up until recently (earlier this year I believe), the splash screen would display for a few seconds and then go away. however after a patch earlier this year, whenever I launch ardour, the splash screen displays and stays on, never goes away.

I search through all the preferences, yet I cannot find an option to not display the splash screen, or at least have it go away.

am I missing something? is there a way to have the splash screen go away after a couple seconds so I can access my session setup window without have to first move it from behind the splash screen?

thanx for assistance.



Which version of Ardour is that, and which Desktop environment?

On KDE, there is a known issue which can be worked around with

  • Preferences > Appearance > Quirks > Show/Hide splash screen instead of setting z-axis stack order

(This preference option was added in Ardour 6.9)

robin, thanx for the quick reply…
Ardour 6.9.0
“After Bach”
(rev 6.9)
Intel 64-bit
running xfce

checking that option worked beautifully!!!

thank you!

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