Speedrum lite - how to have more outputs?

Hello, speedrum ( Apisonic Labs ) is able to send the drum instruments on up to 16 outs. But i’m not able to create that. How can i do it?

Btw: Before i installted the right download version of Ardour, i tested the flatpack version. And as i used Speedrum, Ardour asked me, if i want to use Speedrum with 16 outputs - and i said yes. And it works.

But in the official download Version now, it doesn’t come. Can anyone help me, how to create more audio buses from 1 instrument?

Are you using VST3? Try using the VST version instead.

Wow - You’re my hero for tonight. That’s was.
VST3 Plugin has not the wizard who ask. Is that a bug in Ardour or in Speedrum?

btw: How can i made this what the wizard made manually?

I am afraid it is a problem of the VST3 format, here you have a bit more info: EZDrummer3 route to separate tracks - #10 by paul

Thanks - so i know the reason.
But, how can i in Ardour make this manually? I think it must work without addition plugins…hmmmm…?

Hello Guys, Speedrum (and his little brother Speedrum Light) makes as a VST2 plugin with a Ardour wizard 16x2 (16 Stereo) Outs. I need about 6x Stereo outs and i would ask here again, if someone can give me a tipp, how i can manually create a routing with 6 outs. If i delete one of the 16 outs, the whole group deletes it self. Here is the screenshot - maybe one here knows hoto make it manually.

Suppose, you call “16 outs” the tracks that routed to 16 outs of the plugin. You need to deactivate the group (just click the vertical colored group strip from the left side of track headers - the strip will become grayed out). Now you can delete only desired tracks of the group.

Great - that works.
As asked here: More different midi tracks routing to 1 instarument - howto? - #4 by stefan-franz

I search for a way, to use the Speedrum or other instruments with only a few outputs. How is the way, to add e.g. 5 outputs manually without the wizard? It’s seems it’s a group and audio outs.

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