Speed up Routing x100

speed up sidechain
after click on sidechain button on plugins header a dropdown menu appear side of it and allow user to choose sidechain key from this list (without going to pin configuration box)


organize input and output
in track and pin configuration and anywhere that have dropdown menu to routing
like Pro tools or better than it
e.g you have

  • 100 stereo track
  • 50 mono track
  • 20 stereo bus
  • 10 mono bus
  • 40 midi track and etc

when you open dropdown menu in bottom or top of strip in ardour
it show you all tracks and bus tracks in one list without any organizing (you need time for find)
please make them organized

  • bus mono and stereo
  • track mono and stereo
  • maybe track midi and audio

or anything that can make organization and save time and mind

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While I will agree that having just a dropdown of a list of all possibilities is not ideal, I will also argue that there HAS to be a better way then what ProTools/Logic/etc. do on this as they are nasty as well. I doubt it exists in the UI toolkit atm, but having a dropdown you could type to filter would be a huge step up in many ways to me, but even that can almost certainly be improved upon as well.

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