speed up/down regions


is there a possibility to speed up and to speed down regions or a whole track without performing a time stretch on it, just as a tape machine would do it?

Not really at this time.


sometimes i need this also. while ardour doesn’t have this feature, i usually export the region, speed it up in renoise (a tracker-style seq uencing/composing sw, where tapemachine-like speed adjustment is the main samplemanipulation tool), save it and import back into renoise again. a bit hassle, but works.

renoise costs something, sure you can use some open-source trackers/sound editors too.


Maybe that can help: instead of renoise, use ruber band. http://breakfastquay.com/rubberband/


I’m just trying out Ardour for the first time and I’m very impressed with it! However this feature is one that is indispensable to how I work with sound.

Is there any possibility that this feature might be available in later versions of Ardour?

Please forgive my presumption (and it is a presumption; I have very little knowledge of programming), but surely this is a far easier feature to implement than pitch shifting with time correction? Is it not already implemented in some form in the shuttle speed control?

With thanks.

It is far more difficult than it seems as everything in Ardour essentially runs off one clock, so speeding up or slowing down one region in a session means that it would run off a seperate clock essentially, which essentially requires a VERY extensive rewrite of many low level functions in Ardour to implement in realtime I believe.

The varispeed control just changes that one clock for the entire session, not just one region.


Ardour 3’s time stretch tool mode ‘Resample without preserving pitch’ does exactly this for individual regions (not in realtime, of course).