speed up a track - tempo automation?

Is it possible to take a track and speed it up linearly over time? I have a track I have made and now want to speed it up over time and have it end in a spectacular auditory car wreck. Is there a mechanism in Ardour to do something like this?



I don’t think jack supports it, see Paul’s answer here : http://ardour.org/node/2516

There are tools like http://www.surina.net/soundtouch/soundstretch.html and http://sox.sourceforge.net but they change the speed of the whole file, I don’t think they can start slow and increase it over time. Neither does Rezound.

Edit Alsaplayer is your friend. Export your song to a wav, load it in Alsaplayer and connect the outputs to the input of an Ardour stereo track. Then use Alsaplayer’s speed control to manually increase it (click on it and use the scroll wheel) while recording.