speed up a project

I need to speed up a little a song that I already recorded;
is there a way to speed up the whole project?
is there a way to “shrink” a region, so as to make it faster?
other ideas?
thanks in advance for the useful forum on such a versatile software.

Speed up an entire project, not really. Speed up a region, use the timestretch tool (Shortcut ‘T’). So your best bet would be to export the project when complete, then import the exported file as a region, and use the timestretch tool to speed that up.


yes, that worked really fine, though it took a lot of time trying to find the exact stretching ratio i was looking; you have to try and try, there does not seem to be the possibility to feed the software a number for that ratio, and that could be a useful improvement. the sound quality resulted decent, considering that it was all acoustic instruments.

Yes I believe this is a feature request in Mantis for Ardour in fact and it wouldn’t hurt to add your voice in support of it if you wish, click on the Issue Tracker link above, create an account if you need to, and search for the issue and just add a comment to it.


You can also put a position mark where you wish the limit of the timestretch, enable the grid, snap to marks and do the operation.