something that ardour is missing imho is a spectral view instead of lin/log waveforms. If done right it would provide an useful tool to quickly identify pieces of sound. An additional spectrometer in a own window would be useful to identify problematic frequency ranges.

So the question is what’s the plan with ardour. Are such tools already in the queue, does it sound interesting or are there objections against it?

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There is a pretty nice spectrogram view that shows multiple, color-coded FFT views on the same scale so that you can compare the spectrum of different tracks.

To use it, press ‘r’ (for the range tool), sweep across a range of audio, optionally select some more tracks to have the range cover those tracks as well, and then right-click on the range and choose “Analyze Range” in the menu.

This is an optional feature and I’m not sure if it’s enabled in the OSX download.

-Ben Loftis

Yes, it’s an not selected option in CVS. I’ll look at it after recompile :slight_smile:

Ok, i see, it’s a spectrogram, essentially what i meant to be in the extra window. Essentially this is similar to baudline (http://baudline.com) with the averaging. If you don’t know that program take some time to play with it because it is very good at analysing audio with the FFT.

In the spectrum of ardour the Y-scale is missing.
One addition to make is replacing the single FFT with cascaded multirate FFTs. Then the resolution in the lower frequencies would still be good.

The other thing i mean is the spectrogram like in audacity instead of the waveform.

Oh I miss the spectrogram and live spectral analysis in Ardour. Maybe there’s a LV2 plugin that can do that?


Yeah as far as I currently know, there are 2 analysis LV2 plugins for observing the frequency range on any track while it’s playing: Calf Analyzer and Invada Meter. Are those the same as a “spectrogram”? I’m not entirely sure, but give them a try…

I think it would be great to have a 12 to 30 band EQ/Compression LV2 (or an internal Ardour tool) that displayed the live frequency spectrum, just like JAMin. But there is JAMin, so I don’t think that feature is needed, but it would be really awesome to have inside Ardour…

also, baudline can be plugged in via jack, it still has the “problem” of not showing a logarithmic scale as I remember… I use the calf analyser on a daily basis and it works great for me

Has there been any news on this ? It would be so great to have the ability to switch between waveform and spectrum on each track.

Please read all comments at https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/pull/570

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  1. 7+ year old thread

  2. See ACE-Spectrum View (not quite the same)

  3. See Paul’s comments:). Much easier to do a detailed spectrum view on a limited number of tracks rather than realtime generation on multiple tracks.

  4. IMO it would make more sense as a first step to add a more detailed spectrum view that can be pulled up on individual tracks as needed using the above plugin honestly, as Ardour doesn’t have a destructive mode, IMO this would be more useful than a region based view right now.


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