Spectacle audio plugin binary

Does anyone have a binary of this plugin which was used in a screen shot of ardour features on Twitter at one time

I have, but I’m not sure if that’s of use for you? You didn’t name what distro/architecture etc., so using my binaries might or might not work…

Anyway I have built it from the 1.0 release tarball on my openSUSE Tumbleweed system, and here’s a link to a tarball with executable and .lv2 bundle as generated in the sources’ bin/ directory:


EDIT: oh and I’ve missed to build the VST2 variant before, updated the dropbox tarball this minute

Sorry I’m running Ubuntu 20.04
I said binaries only because there was no other option from the website other then source code. Usually when they are binaries Ubuntu is usually one of them since it’s popular.

Also is compiling difficult, does it leave any software that is hard to get rid of

you can try and install the files from my tarball to /usr/local/[bin|lib/lv2|lib/vst] (or ~/bin, ~/.lv2 and ~/.vst) , adjust $LV2_PATH/$VST_PATH, and see if that works, and delete again if no… the standalone binary should even run from the dir you unpacked to, in case the dependencies match well enough.

Besides gcc and make the build deps aren’t many:
x11, cairo, lv2, fftw3, jack (-dev packages for all of these), and for whatever reason vim

Perhaps ask your distribution to package it?

In case of Ubuntu you have to file a “request for package” (RFP), start the process by opening a terminal window and type reportbug (see also https://wiki.debian.org/RFP).

Another option is to use KXStudio, and ask falktx to package it: https://kx.studio/Repositories:Plugins

A great way to make sure you can get rid of any software you’ve compiled yourself is to install it to /opt/<packagename-version_or_date>, or in this case maybe something like /opt/spectacle-2020-09-27

Then you use the excellent ‘stow’ program to populate /usr/local with symlinks.
In this case the command would be
sudo stow -d /opt/ -t /usr/local spectacle-2020-09-27 ; sudo ldconfig

If you want to get rid of the program completely you “unstow” it by adding -D to the command and then rm -rf /opt/spectacle-2020-09-27

This approach also allows you to have several versions of a program installed but only having one that’s active.
So when you find a show-stopper bug in the most recent version you’ll simply unstow it and then stow the old, working version back again.

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Interesting, but I think I’ll just wait until it’s available. I mean it’s a nice looking plugin but maybe if I use my old computer I can use it for certain things, I try not to mess too much with my main Linux setup.

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