Special mailing list

Hi, I dont want to be added to any of the regular mailing lists, but do want to be told the second certain features become available. These being:

• Proper MIDI support (with quantisation) and control surface support
• Full support for automation
• AU/VST plugin support - and support for sound generators (instruments)

Then I’ll be the first to download it! (and hopefully love it up!) I’m a Logic user, but I’m not happy with it and I’d much love to be part of a team of users promoting the benefits of open source. I’m all for the underdog.

I guess what I’m asking for is a mailing list with only really major updates mailed out. I’m not a big fan of the cluttered inbox or the dreaded spam mail. Such as perhaps only a mention when certain items of the roadmap are accomplished.


At the moment there is no dedicated announcement mailing list.

One suggestion is to use an rss to email service such as RssFwd to convert the web feed(http://www.ardour.org/rss.xml) of the announcements made on the front page of the website into a emails that are sent to you.

note that I haven’t used RssFwd personally it was just the first thing that I found on google.