Special login for ardour setup?

(Bksubhuti) #1

Is there a way to make a special login for Ardour?
My machine is very slow. I need to do realtime and a low latency kernel to make ardour work smoothly. However, my system performance is really sluggish and unresponsive with these settings and I do not daily drive Ardour… . Is there a way to have these settings take effect on a special login, ie create a username called ardour and have all this work only for this login ?

(Seablade) #2

Well let me start with the first step really should be to identify why your system is sluggish, but that being said:

So the default way to set this up on linux is to use a group, specifically typically the audio group in most cases. So all you need to do is to remove the primary user from the audio group and add the ardour user to the audio group, that should do it.

(Bksubhuti) #3

thanks, that is what i did.