Speaker/Room calibration function

I don’t know how difficult or costly it would be to include, but a speaker/room calibration function would be a brilliant addition to ardour. I dont think any other daw has that at present.
Over the past 25 years I’ve used most of the major daws, but I dont think I would leave ardour now, though I have no objection to using anything, if needed

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Just load sonarworks plugin into Ardour’s Monitor Section.
This way exported audio is not affected but monitored sound is processed.

Sonarworks also has a large collection of calibration curves for studio headphones. Those are hard to measure without dedicated equipment.

If you want a DIY solution, Ardour comes with a convolver built-in, as well as noise and sweep generators available to scripts. So this can be done already.

However the workflow to calibrate, measure and produce the IR is best aided by a dedicated GUI, and maintained separately.

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PS. I have just learned that recent SoundID Reference - Speaker & Headphone Calibration cannot be easily installed on Linux (to be run under GitHub - robbert-vdh/yabridge: A modern and transparent way to use Windows VST2 and VST3 plugins on Linux).

However there is a Linux VST of Sonarworks Reference 4 available for download.

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Thanks Robin, I spent ages searching for this yesterday :smile:
Am I right thinking it goes into the Processors Container?

Robin, I forgot to ask where to put the sonarworksReference4VSTPlugin.so file
Many thanks

should be in


Many thanks! I’ll give it a go now :smile:

Anywhere in the VST2 Search path. You likely want to install it into your user’s $HOME, under $HOME/.vst/

Open Ardour Menu > Window > Plugin Manager

That allows to configure VST2 search locations and you will also have to scan for the newly installed VST plugin there.

Many thanks for all your help. Each time I have a problem, i learn somthing more about Ardour and the whole recording topic.

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