Speak - Ubdu Version (dub)

Made this for a dub challenge on another forum. Hope you dig it! :slight_smile:
(and haha, second dub tune posted on this forum within the last 1 hour, funny)


Great mix! What delays did you use here? They sound so cool. Colourcopy maybe?

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You got it, that is Colour Copy! :smiley: You can pretty close to that sound with Tal Dub 3, which is an amazing free alternative.

I have colourcopy and use it all the time :slight_smile: Maybe that’s why. I also like the multidelay in Renoise.

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There’s also a new one ( sevendelay) which is great. Haven’t test it much though.

Hello, nice track, much modern than mine :wink:

It reminds me of some french dub bands.

May i ask what dub forum you are in for that challenge?

Btw funfact yeah, 2 dubs in the same hour, i feel kind of less alone :smiley:

Oh nice! Fantastic delay indeed. :smiley: I also use it on pretty much every track now, hahah.

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Thank you!

Yeah definitely more modern, although my heart is still with original roots. King Tubby is my absolute all time favourite, the king! Scientist, Lee Perry and the rest are awesome, but Tubby is my love.

I will make some more oldschool dub at some point, this was sort of my “lemme just try this” version, next time I’ll make something more roots based.

Thanks again!

Oh and the forum in question is not a dubs forum at all, it’s a forum called Dogs On Acid, normally a Drum and Bass related forum.

So i understand the way this dub sounds :wink:

Btw king tubby and then lee perry black ark definitively :slight_smile:

How do you find mine?

I liked it, I will be giving you a longer response in your own thread when I have the time and energy to compose one! :+1:


Nice work! Great soundscapes! It made my desk rattle very nicely :rofl: