Speak - Perfect Harmony (Drum and Bass)

Another dark but atmospheric tune. Bass! Drums! :innocent:

Always eager for feedback of any kind!


nice sound. drums did you use loops?

The main break you hear from the beginning (when the bass also hits) I made from one shot samples. I automated a spring reverb to hit with the snare and one bass drum hit to give it its character. (also of course distortion, eq, and transient adjuster)

Some of the other breaks that appear later are sliced up “loops”.

Thank you!

I like the sound of the bass. in some places bass is too loud, for example the h(b) key. the drums are loud

Nice as usual !
Do you clearly ninjas2 on this?

Not really the kind of music I listen to but well done !

I would say that the drums and bass being loud is more a function of the genre than the track itself

Thanks for the feedback! I think the balance comments aren’t completely off-base, in hindsight I feel like the drums could have been mixed to be more “light” on the bass / mid side.