Speak - Paradigm Change (roots dub)

Another dub tune:

This time I feel it’s more in the style of proper roots. Hope you dig it, would love to know either way!


Nice one! This is typically the delay type i’m after, those on wich you can get abusing feedbacks :wink:

And with vocals to play with it fills well the gaps, well done

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Yeah, this one is sadly a commercial delay (and tape simulation) from Uhe called Satin. It’s a wonderful delay but can definitely be a bit pricey if you’re on a low budget.

Thanks for the positive comment!

Maybe not budget , + i tend to use only free libre softwares for personnal ethic reason :slight_smile:

Yup understandable, that’s why I also mentioned Tal Dub 3! :+1:

Hi @speak!

Another great one! Very sonically interesting… I like the very static hi-hat that seems to stick out prominently in the mix while everything swirls around it, I also like the short ambient delay on the sidesticks. For me I’d like a bigger and deeper Kick drum with reverb but that is opinion and I’m obsessed with Kick drum sounds…lol

As usual your mixes and compositions are top-notch!

Thanks so much!

Haha, I funnily did experiment with a bit of spring reverb on the kick, but it was just too insane for the mix. :smiley: Sadly I had to mix on cheap headphones so the punch of the kick might not have as much oompf as I’d like. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the nice comment.

And then we remid early dubs with all the drums sent together via 1 send to reverb or delay.

Tried this as a root concept with the avl zepelin with stereo out sent to fx buses.
Was pretty fun times, but obviously too hard for a proper mix with my near to the floor mixing abilities :smiley:

You should try, that is weird !

I think massive attack did on the cover of that nice dong “man next door” that gave it a moreopressive feeling than on the original track.