SpeaK - Fly (Drum and Bass made with Ardour on Linux)

(Speakk) #1

Hi! Finished another tune. Slow build up atmo DnB. Enjoy! Or not, I’d still like to hear about it.

(Xbreathe1001) #2

Super !

(Speakk) #3

Thanks polysix! Glad you liked it.

(Matthewjohnrussell) #4

This is really nice. I would love to know which plugins you used to when making this track

(Speakk) #5

My goto plugins:
Calf everything, compressor, distortion, reverb, limiter, stereo tools, chorus
TAP plugins
uHe plugins

There are some others, but those are what I use with each tune. Sorry I can’t give you an exact answer for this particular tune, but the list above would be 95% there at least.

(Malcolm) #6

This is really good! The breaks roll so smoothly and the atmospheres are locked in. Top drawer

(Speakk) #7

Thanks for the feedback MoogPoodle!