SpeaK - Far Away (Drum & Bass made with Ardour)

(Speakk) #1

Hi everyone!

This is my proof that you can make detailed sequenced music in Ardour!

Hope you enjoy, if there are any DnB heads about!

(Michaeldayhtx) #2

YES!! Found a good d&b Linux Ardour producer! I dig liquid and neurofunk the most. So this track was right up my ally. Not bad at all!

(Chris) #3

I like it, sounds good on my headphones at least. I will have to wait until later before I can hear it on speakers.
All in Ardour, or any external gear used with it? What did you use for delays and reverbs to get that nice lush sound?

(Speakk) #4

Hi! Thanks for checking it out ccaudle!

All in Ardour as I mentioned in my Soundcloud reply, no external gear. The reverbs and delays are mostly Calf Reverb and Calf Vintage Delay.

(Jdfight) #5

That was awesome. Great track. Excellent showcase of what is capable with Ardour. Thanks for sharing!

(Speakk) #6

Thanks a lot jdfight for the kind words, I’m quite happy you liked it.

(Info) #7


I also enjoyed this, top notch stuff!

(Speakk) #8

Thanks GMaq! :slight_smile: