SpeaK - Far Away (Drum & Bass made with Ardour)

Hi everyone!

This is my proof that you can make detailed sequenced music in Ardour!

Hope you enjoy, if there are any DnB heads about!

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YES!! Found a good d&b Linux Ardour producer! I dig liquid and neurofunk the most. So this track was right up my ally. Not bad at all!

I like it, sounds good on my headphones at least. I will have to wait until later before I can hear it on speakers.
All in Ardour, or any external gear used with it? What did you use for delays and reverbs to get that nice lush sound?

Hi! Thanks for checking it out ccaudle!

All in Ardour as I mentioned in my Soundcloud reply, no external gear. The reverbs and delays are mostly Calf Reverb and Calf Vintage Delay.

That was awesome. Great track. Excellent showcase of what is capable with Ardour. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot jdfight for the kind words, Iā€™m quite happy you liked it.


I also enjoyed this, top notch stuff!

Thanks GMaq! :slight_smile: