Speak - Conflict (Techno)

Synths used: Tyrell N6, Surge.
Effects used: A bunch of GVst suite plugins, some Calf plugins, and uHe Satin

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Made a vocal mix of this tune.


Great track and sound, I like version 1 better :slight_smile: Kick And Bass work very well together.

Hi I like the stuff you’ve posted here new and old, I’m an old fella but EDM-curious…lol. You do great production and mixing on your stuff, look forward to more!

I really liked the Flow mix…

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Well put @GMaq +1.

Techno isn’t my cup of tea, but I have a lot respect at pulling this off with Ardour. The mix is very balanced, too. Keep it coming.

Thanks a lot @lilith33 and @GMaq and @x42. Comments like yours keep my spirits up!

(not a techno person myself really, but this was fun to make)