spacers in the mixer window

Hi all

The mixer window displays the master on the right and the busses and tracks left justified

Is there a way to put some “strip” on the righ and even outside the horizontal scroll bar.


Not really from a user point of view no.



Thank you very much for the very fast answer

Did you mean I have to modify the code to have more than one master? How I can do that? If so I understand to have more than the “master” bus as undeleteable.



Not sure I have the time to type out details on this one. There is a rough concept on more than one non-standard bus in Ardour, see the Control bus(You have to create a session with it) Both the master and control bus are identified in the session file so Ardour loads them as such. To get more than that to be on the right hand side, you will likely need to modify the code, is my guess, I would suggest looking at Mixbus’ code to see what they did if anything for their mixbusses.