SoX conversion quality and ardours conversion

What type of conversion does ardour have in regards to sample conversion. I read SoX is mastering grade conversion.

Ardour uses libsrc (“secret rabbit code”).

Infinite Wave comparison:


Is ardours better. I’m not too familiar with these kinds of assessments

Sox is very slightly better. The difference is unlikely to be audible under any conditions or on any material.

“Perfect” would be just the bright curve, no blue lines in the background. No SRC tested by Infinite Wave meets this goal.

If you look at the color scale on the right the blue color indicates that the aliasing artifacts are on the order of -130dB down from full scale. You can only even analyze to that level by using digitally generated test signals, for anything recorded from a microphone, synthesizer, etc. that will be so far below the analog noise floor you won’t be able to detect the conversion artifacts. My general rule of thumb is that anything below -120dB (referred to full scale) is essentially perfect and drops off the list of things to consider. Keep in mind that criteria means artifacts would be at 0dB SPL if you were playing material that peaked at 120dB SPL. Just to put that in perspective, that would be like worrying about how much noise a mosquito was making while you were standing next to an airplane at take off.
And these artifacts you are looking at are lower than that.


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