South Bank « London feelings »

Hi, all,
I have tried to translate the vibe of this town which matters for me.
The audio has been captured in one take, and the first one, which is something new for me.
I recorded the audio with Ardour and remained inside this cool software.
I didn’t use any highpass this time, neither on the mikes, the preamps and the « postproduction ».
I just had to edit one chord which went wrong because of «electric issues ».
Hope you will give an ear, and maybe like it.


Well done, respect!

Consider adding one anyway. On a “solo” recording like this it usually helps to get rid of most low frequency rumbling, e.g. from a swinging floor, or mic stand. Usually it’s not audible on most speakers and earphones anyway, but maybe it would be on a stereo with a big subwoofer, and then it would harm the song…
Also the low mids (the low notes on the E string, I’d estimate around 100-200Hz) could use a little bit of cutting…

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Hi « slash »,
thank you for taking time to type words.
It is actually the first time where I have been able to record the first take.
I am training a little bit more nowadays and maybe it helps?
About the highpass, I think you speak wise, but, maybe you know how it goes for someone like me, who is a «self taught guy ».
I proceed by trials and errors.
I have put far too much highpass filters everywhere in the past years, and discovered that filters are a touchy subject.
So it is a kind of swinging, from too much to not enough.

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