Soundcraft Signature MTK

I’ve been using analogue desks for many years but am new to digital recording.
I’m just about to take delivery of a new Soundcraft Signature 22MTK (after a VERY long wait) and wondered if anyone has had the chance to try out Ardour with this or the 12-channel version?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

It appears to require its own custom device driver. This makes the chances of it working on Linux very small. On OS X and Windows, it should work with Ardour and other audio software just like any other USB audio device, assuming their device driver isn’t buggy.

I bought (by trust) a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK. Plugged it into my computer with a Linux Mint distro.
It’s immediately seen by dmesg.

Starting Ardour, compiled for direct alsa usage, it proposes me “Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK” in the input and output options.
Other parameters i left untouched: max number of channels. Zero latency.

It worked immediately. Absolutely no problem. It has a not discernible latency. Very good DACs (in my opinion).
I recorded 12 channels at a time with no lag and issues.

I set master for playback in the 11-12 channels, and press “usb return” in that mixer channel. Very useful.

I am using a Soundcraft MTK12 with Ardour - saw it straight away and works a treat without getting any special drivers. I am using it to record gigs.