soundcard adwise. firewire audio setup.

I have three computers I want to use for audio production. the older one has one gigabyte RAM and runs windows XP with the emu1212m soundcard that I tried all I could to get working proper on 64studio. But this failed to some extend.

I plan on getting a new soundcard for the new desktop machine I have the 64studio beta on right now.- The soundcard I have is a ensonig pci audio card which is some form of old creative labs card that I off course will replace when money allows it. i have firewire ports in all computers.

The question I have is simply if it is possible to stream via firewire the live audio from the emu1212m which is connected to my hard disc recorder which I use as mixer into the PC running windows XP and onto my desktop running linux .- .

If this is possible I have a labtop I do everything on other than serious music making which runs debian lenny.

I would greatly apriciate adwise on how to set this up so I can take full advantage of all the computers I have.

my homestudio setup consist of two harddiskc recorders. fostex eight tracks both of them -. I have the fd-8 and the newer mr8. both connected via the emu1212m soundcard using both adat,spdiff, midi .

I have two rack effect proccesors which I really like to use and I would apriciate getting these to work via midi and spdif on ardour / linux too.-

I plan on using the labtop for recording somehow. I use a real drumset down at the schools studio and because I started recording my own songs when I was sixteen I am very used to analog mixers and analog recorders and real instruments.

Computers are a bit new territorie for me to record on.

any help apriciated . thanks.