Sound was recorded, but does not appear when reopening the Ardour file

I am used to recording with Ardour w/ Alsa. Works fine. Last night I fooled around with Jack, and this morning I didn’t pay attention when launching Ardour, I must have left the startup choice to Jack and hit record. Jack was not running (fresh boot).

  • During recording, all appeared fine (signal levels, time progressing…).
  • Ardour did not close well. I have a project directory, with an ardour file in it.
  • I also have Take1*.wav files in interchange/20230606AM1/audiofiles/ which contain sound when played with VLC. That’s great.
  • When I open the 20230606AM1.ardour file with Ardour, I don’t see any signal level nor get any sound when I play.

Can I fix this somehow in the XML or project file ? Thank you.

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