Sound problems.

I expect you get this a lot, but I’m having troubles.
I’m pretty much a Linux n00b, but have a very basic knowledge of it. I usually use Windows.

I imported a couple of wav’s to my linux (ubuntu) partition, and they play fine in the Rhythmbox player, but I hear nothing when I put them into ardour.

I’m rather stuck.

I can’t see anywhere in the menu’s a preferences box, or anything like in any software I use on Windows - so I can’t select a soundcard.

I’ve got a USB soundcard - and want the sound to come out through that, though I’m not even getting any sound the laptops built-in speakers. I CAN, however, plug a mic into the mic-port, and it records just fine.

In short - how do I go about configuring Ardour to use the USB soundcard?

Thanks for any help you can give,
A. Noob.


in Ubuntu you normally use a program called “JACK” to handle your soundcard.

JACK handles the soundcard, and Ardour then only needs to connect to JACK.

So you need JACK.

Type this into your console:

sudo apt-get install qjackctl

Now you should find “Qjackctl” in your Applications and start it.

First start JACK, then start Ardour.

Report back on how that works.

Yep - I have that now. It still isn’t giving me any sound…
I went into the System menu, and altered all the in/out options to my soundcard - but it’s made no difference.

Master 1/2 out are connected to Playback 1/2 respectively.

A screen dump of my JACK consoley thing help?
I don’t know if the “Playback 1 and 2” are the laptop’s soundcard, or the USB one.

Thanks for the speedy response.

Good. Now we got JACK.

So what we need to find out:

  • which USB-Soundcard you got
  • and if it is properly working or not
  • and then configure JACK the right way
  • and then produce a platinum album :wink:

So - which USB-Soundcard is it?

Holy hell - here comes embarracement :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m broke at the minute - so had to sell my 8x8, and now I’m just relying upon a Behriger UControl UCA200.
It’s got 2x phonos in, and 2 out. I’m not recording anything, so it’s no problem - I just need sound to come out of it.

I figured it would be working properly as it’s fine with jukebox.
How can I tell? Or are you about to tell me? haha.

Okay: Behringer U-Control UCA200

According to this posting and According to your Rythmbox-Experience -

your USB-Soundcard is working.

So now we need to configure JACK properly.

Qjackctl -> Setup -> Input Device / Output Device (on the right side of the Screen)

What Options are shown there - list them :wink:

(sorry for slow answering, am mixing at the same time, so maybe i won’t be back to soon)

Right - it was partly what you told me, partly my stupidity.

I went into JACK’s settings and looked all around - which was your part - but any changes I made had no effect.
My stupidity part came into it when I saw the “project options” when opening the program.

I changed it from “Internal Audio” to “USB Card”, and all’s good :smiley:

One last thing though… What’s an “XRUN”?

XRUN is something like an X-TRA Life in Jump’n’Run-Games :wink:

No - unfortunately not.

XRUN are what you don’t want - it’s when your System is having Milli-Second-Black-Outs and not working properly.

But actually - i recorded a year long with thousands of XRUNs on every Session but never had any Problems with the resulting sound anyway (people might want to hang me for saying that ;))

ButBut normally you don’t want XRUNs, installing a Real-Time-Kernel helped with me.

Maybe simply clicking on the “Real Time”-Button in the JACK-Setup before starting might already help (JACK -> Setup -> Realtime in the top-left-corner of the window, activate that).

Okay - back to the Mix :wink:

If you have thousands (or even just one) xrun and can’t hear it you’re either legally deaf or you don’t have continuous sound. And by the latter I mean, if the xrun happens during a silent moment in the recording you probably won’t notice it, but if it happens during a loud moment you certainly will.

Yes, i recorded only silence - i forgot to say that :wink:

You can buy it on iTunes too: The Silence Tribute Collection I-VI.

Maybe i’m going to try to reproduce the XRUN-Error one day (i would have to go some steps back for that) - maybe it was just a Display-Error, i don’t know. Let me think about it - it was a clean Ubuntu 7.04 without RealTime-Kernel and with JACK and Ardour from the Repositories and Realtime-Option in JACK was turned off. Mmhh… …strange. Gonna check on that on a free day in the faaaar future :wink: Maybe it was a Display-Error in my VisualCortex? A Memory-Error in my internal Database? I guess i’ll simply forget about it.

Ergo: Nobody wants XRUNs.