sound of ardour 3

just wondering if anyone has noticed a change in the sound quality from ardour 2 to ardour 3. i like the sound of ardour 3 better than ardour 2 – seems perhaps “clearer” to my ears.

am i just imagining this or was something significant changed with ardour 3’s “audio engine?”


As both use the same 32 bit floating point format, and Ardour itself does very little processing, it’s difficult to imagine how they could sound different.

not noticed a difference in sound quality, what you may be noticiing is your ability to get a better mix through experience and learning what you can and cannot do with the plugins availible.

@leatuspenguin: thanks so much for doing that null test.

just out of curiosity whats the null test.

I know i can compare the output of software using baudline signal analysis. its a pretty usefull program for looking at exactly whats going.

you should see the noise (that you cant here) that the shitty internal sound card on both my desktop and laptop make.


A null test is a simple test, you essentially take two audio waveforms, invert the polarity on one, and sum them together. If the waveforms were identical, all you will hear listening to the output of the sum is silence, as the two wave forms add to 0 or null as they are exact opposites of each other.


thanks everyone for your answers – guess i was just imagining this; or perhaps the improved workflow of ardour3 loosened my ears up. not sure. in any case, i’m happy to have ardour3 now, though i have to admit that i still use ardour2 for recording, after losing some files (a couple of time) with ardour3.

i’m using v. 3.5.380, though i read somewhere that the file-loss problems still haven’t been entirely resolved. for me, ardour 3 makes a better version to mix with; ardour2 a better version to record with (for now, at least – guess this will be completely resolved at some point down the road).

I think i have had this happen to me in ardour 3.5.380.

I had a project that had various takes recorded over tracks in different places.

right in the middle where 1 line of the song had been over dubbed, is now missing. and its clear thats its missing, because the track underneat it wasnt just a mistake, it was a complete wrong note and singer said shit fucked that up, then continued on as new could simpler record over that 1 bit.

I havnt checked if the region is still there, btu its missing from the track view.

there will be a new release of 3.5.XX containing yet more fixes for potential file loss issues, along with an explanation of how this all happened.

These losses only happen when a user has a workflow that involves renaming tracks after recording and/or imports files which share names with existing tracks.

interesting, though this wasn’t the case at all with the files i lost. nothing was imported or re-named.

paul this may or may not be the problem i need to double check the project, but i do have a habit of renaming tracks at a later point, however this has never seemed to cause a problem before.

B ut then again ive only been doing over dubs recently, generally vical takes were done on new tracks.

ill double check just incase its a project that was copied to another hd and ive opned to old copy. I

its not critical, was just 1 short 20 second region