Sound not played at the beginning of a loop


Using ardour3 I pilot hardware synthesizers connected midi. For that I created in ardour3 a midi sequence of 8 steps repeated 4 times, so 32 steps. When I put these 32 steps in a loop, there is no problem during the 32 measures, but when returning to the first measure, there is an irregularity, a timing issue, and hardwares do not play the instruments note on the first time, or the plays late. I have the same problem if I drive a virtual instrument. The first note on the first beat of the loop is not played.

Thank you by advance for your help,


Thank you for the answers.
Even like that i can work good with ardour3 and the midi. But it will be a real pleasure when loops will be work fine. In waiting, good courage for your good work !

I think this might be a known bug. there are still known bugs in MIDI that are being worked on.

I stopped using MIDI as it become an excersise in frustration.

a new version of ardour should be due soon which will hopefully address some of the quirky behaviour of MIDI regions

Not that soon - first we have the “cairocanvas” release which is a complete reimplementation of the editor display graphics system (and many other things). MIDI improvements come after that, Progess is a bit delayed while I’m in Kyiv helping another product based on Ardour get started.