Sound lost...

Hi people!

I have some serious problem with Ardour.
I was importing a track from a CD when a tip window popped up saying litterally:
"The disk system on your computer was not able to keep up with Ardour.

Specifically, it failed to read data quickly enough to keep up with playback."

Fine. But now I can’t hear no sound any more. When I start playback, playhead go ahead and meters are active but no sound arises.

There is also no problem if I try to export it as a .wav or .aiff file. And when I open an old file, no problem at all. I have only trouble with the file I was working on.

It is a big problem for me since I spent a lot of time on this work.

Thank you for your help.


not sure, but most probably your tracks got dissconected from the master, and the master went disconnected from the alsa playback. happened to me from time to time too.
try reconnecting manually from within ardour, if it does not work you ll have to use qjackctl.


Ok. Everything was disconnected. It works very well now.

Thank you for your help !