Sound Devices MixPre-D (USB)

Has anyone tried using the Sound Devices MixPre-D as an audio interface with Linux via USB? Sound Devices lists it as a linux compatible device but I haven’t seen it documented/mentioned on alsa or here on as a useable interface.

It seems I heard it can be used. The documentation says “USB compliant”. nothing more. The users manual does not mention installing drivers for any OS. So what I heard that it is only USB1.1 may still be true. So stereo, 16bit makes sense. No mention of bit depth anywhere even for AES. My general thing with any audio interface is to find a good store to buy from that will at least let you try connecting it to your computer in the store. Many will even let you return it within some time (one week where I go) if it proves unsuitable.

It seems to me those are quite pricey at $1k. There are some pretty good USB2.0 interfaces around for less. At this site:
None of the 43 reviews mentions any digital output uses on any OS. This is a preamp. As such it seems to have a good rep. Though there are some comments of high noise floor and inability to handle high peaks.

“Class Compliant” USB devices just work on Linux. All these devices function as described in the USB specification so no special drivers are needed. Linux knows how to use Class Compliant USB devices. Many if not most two channel devices are class compliant.

On some audio devices basic sample rates 44.1, 48 kHz and 16 bits works when using the device as a class compliant device, but using higher sample rates (96, 192 kHz) or 24 bit depth requires drivers from the manufacturer.

There are no drivers available to download for MixPre-D so this tells you that none are needed on any operating system.

Sound Devices says on the manual that the device works with Linux, so if this claim turns out to be false you can get your money back. They also say on the manual:

USB Connectivity: USB class-compliant device

No proprietary drivers are required to operate the MixPre-D. The MixPre-D directly operates with
Mac OS 10.4+, Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (both 32- and 64-bit), or Linux (See Computer System Requirements for details).

The first time the MixPre-D is plugged in, the operating system will enable
standard USB Audio Device Class drivers automatically (if necessary).
When connecting the MixPre-D to computers running Linux or any version of Macintosh OS X previous to 10.5.8,
it is necessary to run the MixPre-D in “full-speed” USB mode. To do this, hold down the
Headphone Controller while inserting the USB plug to the MixPre-D.

Yes it works with Linux, and thus Ardour. Did some testing with one that my coworker owns a while back that were good results. I have also seen others on the Linux Audio User list using it.