sound comes ealier than region display

When i start plyaing my session, using the “follow playhead” (CTRL+F) option, sound comes earlier than the the playhead shows.

For exemple, it seems i have a blank at the begining of my region, so I put the play head at this point but when i start playing, i can ear some sound, but the region should be empty at this point, the sound should start about 1 or 2 second later !

So, what i ear and what i see are not synchronized.

How can I solve this ?

Ok, so problem not solved but already reported, it seems using a2 session in a3 still cause troubles.

A workaround to this :

1- open your session in a3
2- using the range tool, select the zone you are working on
3- right click > consolidate this wil create a bounce file
4- close your session WITHOUT saving
5- Create another a3 session
6- use File > import to import bounced file

Hope it can help.

does this effect editing? or is it just literrarly the playhead is not maching up to what you are hearing. which i have never really thought about and never seen to be a problem. As long as the playhead is in the right place once stopped and matches up to what you were hearing when stopped i wouldnt worry too much about it.

Ive always been tought to trust your ears before what you see.

Also importing a2 sessions into 3 right from the start was said to be unsupported, you can do it but its not guaranteed to be 100% correctly working,.

I’ve successfull migrated a few a2 projects with no noticeable problems so far, but there pretty simple with just a few tracks and busses, and 1 full multitrack.

If it only does it with ardour 2 projects, then a simple workaround would be to just use ardour 2.

Another option would be to export each track and import them into a new ardour session and rebuilt your project, not so desirable though since that means setting up any plugins you were using from scratch.