Sound card recommendation for recording 8 tracks simultaneously

I currently own an M-audio Delta 44 card which can record 4 tracks simultaneously. Can anyone recommend a card that will let me do 8 tracks simultaneously under Linux? I have 8 external analog outputs from my mixer (Behringer Xenyx 2442FX). I currently use the 64Studio distribution.

M-Audio Delta 1010 or 1010LT?


i’m using a Terratec Phase 88 Firewire interface (19")[1]. It’s perfectly supported by the jackd freebob driver, see [2] for more informations.


I’d recommend also the M-Audio 1010 or 1010LT. Despite the reason that this cards are good, you may be able too hook M-Audio cards together to one big card (have a look at the page below, unfortunately it’s not simple at the moment) - so if you buy a 1010(LT), you’d have 8 channels to records simultaneously, and together with your Delta 44 even 12 channels.

Have a look at

At the moment it depends how familiar you are with configuring and patching things in linux. I hope that hooking to M-Audio Cards together under linux will get easier in the future.


Actually, I don’t think you can link the Delta 44 with another Delta card, the reason being the Delta 44 lacks the digital outputs needed to synchronize multiple cards correctly. The new Delta 1010(LT?) would be a worthwhile investment, as it now uses a rackmountable breakout box with 1/4" ins and outs, as supposed to the rediculous pigtail of RCA plugs sticking out of the back of my computer that I’ve had to endure for the past several years.

Your right! Damn, what was I saying…? Sorry for that mistake. Nearly all the M-Audio Delta cards with ice1724 chip can be linked together EXCEPT the Delta 44. Ooppps…

About the M-Audio Delta 1010: It has this nice breakout box and the inputs are symmetric (is this the word?).

The Delta 1010LT has these pigtails RCA plugs and the inputs aren’t symmetric, but is just half the price of the 1010.


You mean the ice1712 chip? The 1724 is a newer chip and it is not used in the Delta-44, 66 and 1010(LT) cards. These cards have the 1712

Thanks for all your input and advice.