sound breaking up on playback

(Ashley) #1

I haven’t used Ardour in a while, so booted up my Ubuntu Studio. Seeing that a bunch of updates were pending, I went ahead and did the update. Machine is now sitting on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, 4.4.0-104-lowlatency kernel.

Starting up Jack and Ardour, I loaded an old project. Playback on it is very noisy with clicks and glitches. Seeing that an update to Ardour was available (5.12, I was on 5.6,) I downloaded and installed it. Fired up again - same problem. Tried a straight midi recording - same problem.

So, I’m not sure if this is an Ardour problem, an Ubuntu problem or a bit of both. I’d appreciate any help.

(Ashley) #2

Booted into previous kernel (Linux Ubuntu-Studio-14-04-LTS 4.4.0-57-lowlatency.) Same problem

(Paul Davis) #3

What buffer size are you using? It’s probably too small for your system (hardware & software) to support.

(Paul Lavoie19) #4

I have the same problem, can somebody help me?

(Paul Davis) #5

same advice. use a larger buffer size.ensure that you have access to realtime scheduling.

(Seablade) #6

First make sure your system is correctly configured (Or still correctly configured if an update to the system changed things).


(Ashley) #7

Well, I had a peek at the settings and all were in order and today fired up and no problems whatsoever! I have no idea, but thanks all that replied.