sound breaking up on playback

I haven’t used Ardour in a while, so booted up my Ubuntu Studio. Seeing that a bunch of updates were pending, I went ahead and did the update. Machine is now sitting on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, 4.4.0-104-lowlatency kernel.

Starting up Jack and Ardour, I loaded an old project. Playback on it is very noisy with clicks and glitches. Seeing that an update to Ardour was available (5.12, I was on 5.6,) I downloaded and installed it. Fired up again - same problem. Tried a straight midi recording - same problem.

So, I’m not sure if this is an Ardour problem, an Ubuntu problem or a bit of both. I’d appreciate any help.

Booted into previous kernel (Linux Ubuntu-Studio-14-04-LTS 4.4.0-57-lowlatency.) Same problem

What buffer size are you using? It’s probably too small for your system (hardware & software) to support.

I have the same problem, can somebody help me?

same advice. use a larger buffer size.ensure that you have access to realtime scheduling.

First make sure your system is correctly configured (Or still correctly configured if an update to the system changed things).


Well, I had a peek at the settings and all were in order and today fired up and no problems whatsoever! I have no idea, but thanks all that replied.