Sound adjustment

please tell me what to do if there is no sound in the ardour? (ubuntu)

You need to be more precise and better describe what you are trying to do. Otherwise it is hard to offer any help.

The sound is not played in this program, i used a piano roll, the notes are placed on the field, but there is no sound during playback. I think it will be the same with other sounds. I’m just starting to work with this program. I also write in Russian and translate through an interpreter

In the mixer window, does the master-bus on the right-side show a signal?

What audio system / soundcard do you use (Ardour > Menu > Audio/MIDI Setup)?

Sorry, but just to be sure: did you load a synth? It won’t make any sound if there is no synth to produce it in a MIDI track.

I don’t have a midi keyboard yet

Even with the piano roll you need a plugin (some virtual instrument or software synth) to produce sound. If you do not have one loaded, it won’t produce any sound. You can load the “ACE Reasonable Synth” plugin, for instance. (It should produce piano sounds.)

I seems yes
Nvidia corporation device 10fa

Aha. That would indicate sound is played to your graphics-card → HDMI → Display/Screen.
Are there options other than “Nvidia” for Input/Output devices?

If you don’t find a solution by yourself, we’ll need additional information to diagnose this:

While Ardour is running using the ALSA backend, run the following command in a terminal window. It will not modify your system; it lists all soundcards, their current settings and applications using them, etc

cd /tmp && wget && bash ./

Then copy/paste the output of the script here.

That’s what happened, sorry for the long answer

Thank you very much for the advice, I’ll try to do it

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